Christian's Coffee

Finest taste of Kenya in every cup


The process

Christian's Coffee was founded with the purpose of supplying some of the world's most extraordinary coffee, handpicked in Kenya at ethical farms without middle men.

The small scale farmers receive premium payment for their quality harvest, its then sent by sea to Sweden, roasted and then straight to you. All this to make sure that you can enjoy a fresh brew of amazing Kenyan coffee.

Selection of Coffee Beans

The sourcing process starts with the analysis of raw coffee beans from all over Kenya. The harvest seasons are January to April, and October to December. Farms may vary in quality over time, so it's necessary to update the scores.

Sample Roasting

The raw coffee samples are then roasted light, to reveal all its tasting qualities when cupping. Maintaining a perfectly equal roast across the samples is necessary for the samples to be judge on equal terms.

Preperation for 'Cupping'

One of the most revealing sensory experience comes in the tasting preparation stage when the coffee is grinded and aroma escapes the beans.

Final Touches

Tens of thousands cups will be prepared yearly by our team for evaluation. Through meticulous attention to detail during preparation & life long expertise, no flavours, good or bad will go unnoticed.


The pivotal stage of coffee analysis is the tasting, termed 'Cupping'. Where we distinguish the truly extraordinary from the rest for our blends. During high season over 300 samples, that is 600 cups, may be cupped in a day.

Coffee Cleaning

Before the raw coffee is shipped to Sweden, it goes through a cleaning process. Where most of the defect beans, found in every batch of harvested coffee, are removed.

Roasting for delivery

At our roastery in Täby we create a roast profile for the coffee that brings out the flavour characteristics of the Kenyan beans. The best time to drink the coffee is one to three months after roast date when it has settled.

We use a FAB 5.0 modern spout bed roaster from Roast Master to achieve a clean coffee profile even with slighlty darker roasts.